The role:

We are seeking a Customer Experience host to help us provide an unparalleled experience to our clients and their pets. You will hold an innovative new style of role responsible for engaging and supporting our clients with every interaction.

The role is permanent.

About us:

We're reinventing pet care. We believe veterinary colleagues, pets, and owners are currently underserved by the status quo. Our new approach and clinic design ensures you have the environment and tools to deliver a new innovative experience and high level of care to our clients and pets.

This belief also extends to you and your veterinary colleagues and we are committed to delivering you support and a working environment like no other.

We are on a mission to create the future of veterinary and pet health care for everyone.

Your experience:

We welcome people to this role from any background however, a passion for delivering outstanding service and experience is what you are all about. You are client centric with a natural ability, flair and style when engaging and communicating with clients.

This is a non clinical role however a love for providing cuddles to our visiting dogs and cats is a must. Having confidence in using technology, being organised with a keen eye for detail will help you go far. Experience from wit

What we value:

Deliver a consistently simple, reassuring service

We love bells and whistles (what dog and cat doesn’t), but despite our proprietary tech and next generation practices it's all about providing what owners want; simple, reliable, reassuring service and a relationship with someone who can care.

Care delivered with caring

We’re pet people at heart and love what we do. Too often passion has been stripped for profit but we think that’s a downward spiral. We’re driven to deliver the very best care because we care, from the smallest kitten to the biggest Great Dane.

People at the heart of practice

Our technology is designed for the service of people, enabling clinicians to provide excellent person to person care. People are the heart of practice and the heart of pickles. We ask a lot but give as much in return. We’re development focussed and involve everyone in our success.

Dogs, cats but no bull (we put the fundamentals first and deliver with excellence)

What we want to do isn’t easy, but it can be simple and we want to keep it that way. We believe in transparency and honesty in dealing with each other and our customers. When something can be better we want everyone to call it out - no bull.